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We Have been down for quite a while because of the constant spam attacks and other security issues with our site. Unfortunately because of our ambition to create the first ever social gaming site, it also made us susceptible to multiple vulnerabilities. Please stay tune for more gaming news and reviews!!! Read On

Spy Hunter Debut – (video inside)


Spy Hunter is BACK! 1 by 1 the games of my childhood are making their way back to gaming! Spy Hunter was always one of the top games back in the day and is making what looks to be a very solid comback. This video shows how more older games need to be doing this! Read On

Fall of Cybertron Behind The Scenes – Dinobots (video inside)

Transformers Fall of Cybertron Dinobots

By Alfonso Roberts – Anyone who is a true fan of the 80s cartoon that started it all with Transformers undoubtedly remembers the incredible DINOBOTS! just saying that name brings memorys of an incredible group of robots that were out of control but yet, in TOTAL control! Here is a look behind the scenes with the Dinobots with the new upcoming game Transformers, The Fall of Cybertron http://youtu.be/e2GEo0u_BnU Rating: 1 Read On

Lost Planet 3 – Interview (video inside)


After the disappointing Lost Planet 2, Developers of Lost Planet 3 are gearing up to make up for the lack of feel and depth that was sorely missing fromm Lost Planet 2. Here is a good interview from Gametrailers highlighting some of what you can expect from Lost Planet 3! Read On

Dragon’s Dogma – Video Review


Just when you thought you seen the last of mythical dragons and night aged time period themed games, Enter Drangon’s Dogma. This game has gone under the radar but from closer inspection has all the makings of a truly epic adventure worth plunging into! Gametrailers goes in depth with this review to find out if this game is worth your time and hard earned money! Read On

The Joker Returns!


By Alfonso Roberts - Mark Hamill who had announced via twitter in October that he was retiring his role as the Joker will reportedly reprise the position.  The award winning voice for the murderous clown price of crime will return in “THE LAST LAUGH” the fourth DLC for DC Universe Online.  The Last Laugh which will focus mostly on player versus player battles will be available in June. Read On

Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth


By Alfonso Roberts - Hey boys and girls it’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for Ubisoft and Marvel will be releasing Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth in the fall of 2012.  The game will include about 20 characters and will be coming to XBOX 360 KINECT and the Wii U.  Battle for Earth will not be based on the Mega Hit Film that hit the $1 billion but hopefully it will look better than the Avengers game scrapped by THQ. Read On

Ghost Recon Future Soldier – Tech Video (video inside)


Ghost Recon is BACK! Gametrailers showed off this incredible new video. showing off the Tech you can expect in the new Ghost Recon Future Soldier. I cant WAIT to get my grubby little hands on this game! Read On

Mortal Kombat Interview – PS VITA (video inside)


Mortal Kombat for the ps vita is looking identical to the console versions and this is an incredible feat considering this is a mobile game, giving more credence to the notion that the PS VITA is basically a PS3 handheld! Read On

Star Wars Kinect – Video Review


here is a great video review of Star Wars Kinect. All you Star Wars fans may have been waiting for this one but is it worth a purchase? Or is this one just a weekend rental. See thsi in depth video review and decide for yourself. Read On

Prototype 2 Interview – Lair Gameplay (video inside)


Prototype 2 is coming very soon and there are more gameplay elements you will want to know about before you get head deap into this game that is looking more and more promising everytime we see it. check out the video! Get More: GameTrailers.com, Prototype 2 – Interview: Lair Gameplay, PC Games, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 Read On

Naruto – Review


Here is another in depth review to let you know if your money should stay in your pocket or not! RottenGamer always gives you a un biased review of all the latest games on your wish list! CLICK HERE FOR TH REVIEW Read On

I Am Alive – Review


I am Alive is finally here, a downloadable game for the budget price of $15 or 1200 microsoft points. See if this game is a waste of time or if it is a STEAL and a DEAL! This in depth review will tell all!   CLICK HERE FOR THE REVIEW Read On

Amazing Spiderman: Debut Video (video inside)


The Amazing Spiderman video game has allot of pressure on it because of how beloved Spiderman is. So it is inevitable that there is great expectations put on this game. We are expecting this game to meet and surpass the greatest Spiderman game ever made! This is a great video detailing what can be expected form The web crawlers latest outing. Read On

Mass Effect 3 – Head to Head


Mass Effect 3 graphics comparison – Here is yet another good video, this time comparing the graphics of the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Mass Effect 3 Read On

Mass Effect 3 – Review

Mass Effect 3

The game everyone has been waitinf for has finally arrived. Mass Effect 3. With earth in complete peril you must play your role in what is to be the ending of a incredible trilogy, but does this latest offering give us the thrill we would expect from such a beloved series? Dive in for the review and find out! CLICK HERE FOR THE REVIEW Read On

SSX – Review


Gamers everywhere have been waiting for the newest edition of SSX, and it is finally here, Read this in depth review to see if it lives up to all the hype and expectations that has been put on it as a result of all its past editions! CLICK HERE FOR THE REVIEW Read On

Uncharted Golden Abyss – Video Review (PS Vita)

uncharted golden abyss

This is a land mark title for 1 major reason. It is the first time that we truly get to experience console level graphics on a handheld gaming machine, and make no mistake about it, THIS IS pretty much a PS3 that fits in your pocket! Sony has pulled out all the stops in making an incredible gaming machine. Learning from all its past mistakes and improving in almost every way imaginable. The PS Vita is the handheld gaming device that I have always dreamed of, and it may very well be what handheld need to overtake mobile gaming from Phones and tablets. Without hesitation… CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO... Read On

Syndicate – Video Review


Syndicate is a very promising game that looks to shake things up in the first person genre. The sad thing is that this game may go overlooked becoming a sleeper hit. Here is a in depth video review of Syndicate to give you a close look of what thi game has to offer. Im my book. its looking like a pretty decent game… Read On

Kingdom of Amular: The Reckoning – Xbox 360

This game is incredible! This one was not even on my radar until my sisters boyfriend got it and I fell in love with it! This game has the best combat system ever for this kind and is right up there along side SKYRIM! The graphics can leave something to be desired at times but the gameplay and the depth of it all more then makes up for it! Rating: 9 This post was submitted by markymaky. Read On

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