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SSX Its Tricky Trailer (video inside)

RUN DMC teams up with SSX to create one hot trailer! Check it out!


Serious Sam 3 Trailer (video inside)

Check out this new Serious Sam 3 Trailer. Looks like its going to be one action packed game. I have never been a big Serious Sam fan but I may have to give this...


Max Payne 3: Design and Technology Series Trailer (video inside)

This is a must see detailed look into the development and technology behind the new and upcoming Max Payne 3 game. This game really looks to be bringing in all the stops!


Assassins Creed Revelations – Review Coming Shortly

Sorry for the delay in the Assassins Creed Revelations review. We have been playing through it like mad men so we can bring you the best review possible…stay tuned


Gears of War Patch

Gears of war was the first major game to hit this gaming holiday season, and it seems it has gotten the first round of the most significant patches out of all the blockbuster games....


Skyrim Ships over 7 Million Copies

  As im sure that most of you read my review, and if you did it should not come as a suprise that Skyrim has shipped over 7 million copies and counting. This is...


Banned Accounts

Gamers everywhere are applauding the efforts of EA and Dice today as they drop the hammer on battlefield 3 game exploiters, glitchers and cheaters alike. Hundreds of accounts were banned or had their stats...


New Dead Island DLC

Fans of the Megahit Dead Island have a little something to look forward to as DEEP SILVER announced the release of BLOODBATH ARENA. BLOODBATH ARENA the over scheduled DLC will be available next Tuesday...


Huge Launch Day Numbers for MW3

Today marks day three since Modern Warfare 3 has launched and Rottengamers are wondering how many copies were sold in the first 24 hours. I did a little researching and found some unofficial numbers...


Playstation Vita UMD Passport Program

When Sony launches the Playstation Vita in North America there won’t be a slot for your UMD based games similar to the PSPGO. Sony has come up with a compromise at least for gamers...


Christmas or Veterans Day?

Activision makes a hugh donation of $3 million on Veterans Day to the Call of Duty endowment, a non profit designed to help find job placement and training for veterans. The endowment started by...


God Of War 4 Coming?

God of war is one of Sony’s biggest franchises so when there is reference to a new game possibly being released it is a pretty big deal to be certain. It would appear this...


Grand Turisimo 6 Development Underway

Below is a report from shacknews on the confirmation of Grand Turisimo 6 Development being developed. “Of course we’re working on GT6 already,” Polyphony Digital head Kazunori Yamauchi said in a recent interview. In...


The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim – Review Coming Soon

I have been playing this game non stop, feverishly into the late night hours and into the morning in order to give a good review of this game soon. Please stay tuned…..   This...


Launch Problems For The Wargame Combatants

Alfons0 Roberts - What do Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3 have in common? That’s right little Johnny the answer is server problems. Although, the numbers affected for Battlefield 3 are higher the gamers...


EA and DICE “SAYS THANKS” Sweepstakes

By Alfonso Roberts - This weekend from 12am November 11th (veterans day)-11:59pm November 13th EA and Dice will be saying thanks to all who play Battlefield 3.  Thanks will be said in the manner...


Modern Warfare 3 Expectations

  By Alfonso Roberts - Rottengamers the long, growling, agonizing wait is over, today marks the day for what many of us have considered this year’s most anticipated battle.  That’s right Modern Warfare 3...


Kinect Sports Season 2 free Add ons

By Rieck Hairston - Below is a report from Shacknews with info regarding the new add ons that can be dowloaded for free on Xbox live for Kinect Sports season 2… The “#1″ in...


Modern Warfare 3 Killstreaks

By Rieck Hairston - There are 3 packages for kill streaks: Assault Strike: is llike other COD games which has perks such as UAV (3 kills) precision airstrike (6 kills) not to memtion an...


Nintendo Files Patent For Wii Remote

By Rieck Hairston - Nintendo filed a patent for a add on that turns the wii remote into a touchpad. It is a colaboration of LED and mirors that gives the effect of the...

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