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Recent Staff Reviews

Naruto – Review

Here is another in depth review to let you know if your money should stay in your...

I Am Alive – Review

I am Alive is finally here, a downloadable game for the budget price of $15 or 1200...

Mass Effect 3
Mass Effect 3 – Review

The game everyone has been waitinf for has finally arrived. Mass Effect 3. With earth in complete...

PS3 VS XBOX 360 – Graphics Comparison

Mass Effect 3 – Head to...

Mass Effect 3 graphics comparison – Here is yet another good video, this time comparing the graphics...

Darkness 2 Head to Head

Here is a video comparing the graphics of Darkness 2 on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC

GoldenEye Reloaded Head to Head

GoldenEye Reloaded Head to Head graphics comparison Here is a nice look from a Youtube video showing...

skyrim vs oblivion
Skyrim vs Oblivion – Head...

Skyrim vs Oblivion – Here is pretty good video from Youtube comparing Skyrim and Oblivion.

NFS: The Run – Head To...

Need For Speed: The Run – PS3 vs XBOX 360 Graphics comparison! We find the best head...

Skyrim – Head To Head

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim – PS3 vs XBOX 360 Graphics comparison! We find the best head to...

Top Stories

Crysis 2: Most Pirated Game Of 2011


Piracy was a huge problem for the original Crysis and it seems as though Crysis 2 has fell victim to the same thing. Crytek said that for every copy of Crysis that was paid for, there were 20 copies...

Playstation Vita Sales Slowing Down


After a great launch in Japan, the Plalystaion Vita has entered into a period of a serious decline. Selling less then the Nintendo 3DS and the Sony PSP. It started off by selling 324,859 in its first week and...

Soul Calibur V Critical Edge (video inside)

soulcalibur v

Soul Calibur V is only a few weeks away so here is a tutorial of Critical adge to wet your apatite until it is released. Get More: GameTrailers.com, Soul Calibur V – UK Critical Edge Tutorial

Will Kojima Answer Cries For Metal Gear Solid Remake?


Metal Gear Solid is without a doubt one of the most legendary games ever created. I can still remember how amazed I was when I first seen this game and how revolutionary it was. It was then that i...

Mass Effect 3 Difficulty Level Much Higher


If you thought Mass Effect 2 was a challenge, you best buckle your seat belt captain because Mass Effect 3 is set to be a much more difficult ride! It is said that the Veteran difficulty from 1 and...

GoldenEye Reloaded Head to Head


GoldenEye Reloaded Head to Head graphics comparison Here is a nice look from a Youtube video showing the difference between the wii vs ps3/360 version

EA Takes Action on FIFA 2012 Money Laundering


There has been hack implimented on xbox 360 users for a few months and many payers have gotten their Xbox Live accounts hijacked and by utilizing EA’s FIFA 12 there has been many charges made in order to purchase...

EA vs Activision


The controversial move where Infinity Ward co founders Jason West and Vincent Zampella were fired by Activision as lead to West and Zampella suing the publisher for unpaid royalties and full control over Modern Warfare brand created at Infinity...

Playstation 3 Accessories On Sale


Playstation is doing huge sales on many Playstation items. So if you want to save some money or have been looking for the right deal before you splurged on PS3 items, there is no better tim then now. The...

Planetside 2 Trailer (video inside)


Im sure many of you are already waiting for the Planetside 2 beta, but if you want more infirmation about the game’s factions, Sony has released this new video that dives deep into what this game has to offer.

Last Guardian Not Cancelled Afterall


Previously it was reported that Last Guardian was cancelled by Sony, Well it seems like GameStop if debunking all that talk as untrue rumor as they have indicated that The Last Guardian has not been cancelled at all in...

New Twisted Metal Trailer (video inside)


Finally the new twisted metal is starting to show more which means that it is coming closer and closer to launch. One of my first games for the Ps2 this game has a special place in my heart and...

Battlefield 2143 Rumor


As told by shacknws Dice may be showing off a few hints of something to come in its Back to Karkland DLC. There is a number stamped on a building in the Wake Island map. That seems to be...

Prototype 2 Trailer (video inside)


Prototype was a sleeper hit in my opinion and ranked right up there along side infamous for the PS3, but hey, thats just me. This trailer shows that they managed to step it up a notch as well with...

Metal Gear Rising Trailer (video inside)


You must see this! This game seriously looks ridiculous! This game was originally supposed to be a part of the metal gear solid serious but has grown to become its own game, and with very good reason. This thing...

Max Payne 3 Multiplayer Details


Information of what we can look forward to with Max Payne 3′s multiplayer mode have now come to the light. The developer wants to keep the narrative in one piece. The game mode Gang Wars is the main meat...

Dirt Showdown Trailer (video inside)


Dirt Showdown is a new take on the Dirt serious with a arcade twist. The Dirt series has always been one of the best racing games available with an incredible sense of simulation. I for one have been awaiting...

Alan Wake American Nightmare Trailer (video inside)


Alan wake is returning with the release of a new game called Alan Wake American Nightmare. Alan Wake was one of my favorite games. It was a sleeper hit but gained a cult following of sorts with many fans,...

Epic Games: Fortnite Debut Trailer (video inside)


Epic Games has released the video teaser of their upcoming new game Fortnite. There has already been a mixed reception for this game as many gamers are calling it a Mindcraft clone. Some even going so far as to...

Update Of DOOM


By Alfonso Roberts - If you are like me than you were overly anxious for the Xbox live dashboard updates that includes new television channels, voice and gesture activated kinect upgrades.  The download that Microsoft released a couple of...

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