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Recent Staff Reviews

Naruto – Review

Here is another in depth review to let you know if your money should stay in your...

I Am Alive – Review

I am Alive is finally here, a downloadable game for the budget price of $15 or 1200...

Mass Effect 3
Mass Effect 3 – Review

The game everyone has been waitinf for has finally arrived. Mass Effect 3. With earth in complete...

PS3 VS XBOX 360 – Graphics Comparison

Mass Effect 3 – Head to...

Mass Effect 3 graphics comparison – Here is yet another good video, this time comparing the graphics...

Darkness 2 Head to Head

Here is a video comparing the graphics of Darkness 2 on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC

GoldenEye Reloaded Head to Head

GoldenEye Reloaded Head to Head graphics comparison Here is a nice look from a Youtube video showing...

skyrim vs oblivion
Skyrim vs Oblivion – Head...

Skyrim vs Oblivion – Here is pretty good video from Youtube comparing Skyrim and Oblivion.

NFS: The Run – Head To...

Need For Speed: The Run – PS3 vs XBOX 360 Graphics comparison! We find the best head...

Skyrim – Head To Head

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim – PS3 vs XBOX 360 Graphics comparison! We find the best head to...

Top Stories

Skyrim vs Oblivion – Head To Head

skyrim vs oblivion

Skyrim vs Oblivion – Here is pretty good video from Youtube comparing Skyrim and Oblivion.

New Game Coming From Gears Of War Maker


There is going to be a huge announcement at this Saturday’s Spike video game awards. Cliff Bleszinski is going to be lifting the lid on a completely new project they have been working on. Cliff Bleszinski says the new...

Onlive Delays Gameplay App For Apple iOS


I’m very disappointed to report that Onlive has launched its gameplay app for tablets and phones, but strangely and perhaps irresponsibly, they have neglected to release the gameplay app for the largest most relevant tablet and phone market on...

Battlefield 3 Add-On


Does the holiday season have you down? After selling over 8 million units you can rest assure DICE has what you need to get you through the holiday blues!!! Today December 6, 2011 on PlayStation 3 gamers can expect...

Batman Arkham City: Skins Pack (DLC)


Batman fans have a major treat on their hands in the form of the new Batman skins pack DLC. You get to play as Batman in all your favorite styles. Below is a list of the skins that are...

Resident Evil 6 In China?


Resident Evil has yet to be officially announced by Capcom, but we have heard about a interesting bit of information. Wendy Mok, who is a Chinese voice actress has recently included Resident Evil 6 on here resume. She says...

Mass Effect 3 Combat Video – (video inside)

Mass Effect 3-pratap

Mass Effect 3 is getting closer and closer to its launch date and I for one am a HUGE Mass Effect fan. You will not believe what is included in the collectors edition and also what Mass Effect 3...

Forza 4 (DLC) Adds 10 New Vehicles To The Lineup (video inside)


IGN, is sponsoring a new DLC release for Forza 4 and if you got the season pass for Forza 4 you will receive it for free. Otherwise you will have to pay 560 msp which translates to about $7....

Rumor? – Last Guardian Creator Leaving Sony


Fumito Ueda, the man in charge of highly loved and respected Team Ico, is rumored to be leaving Sony very soon. If this is true it does not look good for some of Sony’s future exclusives. We are talking...

Xbox 360 Sells Nearly 1 Million During Black Friday


To say the Xbox 360 is getting off to a good start for the holiday season is an understatement as Microsoft’s mean green machine sells almost 1 million consoles during the Black Friday rush. This pretty much solidify the...

Gamepro Shutting Down


There is very sad news today, as one of the oldest game publications in the history of gaming is shutting down. Gamepro has been around for 20 years and was one of the first gaming publications that I used...

NBA 2K12 – Legends Showcase Launch Trailer (video inside)

nba 2k12

With the NBA lockout over, we can now get full swing into basketball mode. This is also good news for 2k sports as they will most likely benefit with a spike in sales as a result. Here is the...

Vita Memory Card Price Released


Sony has released the price for its proprietary memory card for the ridiculously overpriced PlayStation Vita. Rotten Gamers get this in a financially strapped economy the memory card prices will range from $30 for 4GB to $120 for 32GB...

Battlefield 3 – Back to Karkand: “Gulf of Omen” (video inside)


Now that Battlefield has fixed the server issues I must admit that I have been spending allot of time with the game. So I am just as excited as the next guy about this Back to Karkand expansion pack...



The recent surge of new quality games has new games flying of the shelves at historic rate putting a damper on used game sales. That being EB Games a subsidiary of GameStop Corp. is accused of instructing their employees...

XBL Dashboard Update


The new update to Microsoft’s Xbox live dashboard will be available for download December 6, 2011. The download will include new apps, social programs, and new tv programming from providers like Comcast Xfinity, Verizon Fios, and HBO Go to...

Phishing Scheme Hits Xbox Live


Gamers in 35 countries have been scammed through emails sent to their Xbox live accounts. The scam would send unsuspecting gamers to a fictitious website that offered free Microsoft points for a little personal and Confidential information. The Criminals...

When Will They Learn?


In order to protect their investment Infinity Ward has banned over 1600 Modern Warfare 3 cheaters. They are asking for the gaming community’s help in the matter, by asking gamers to send in feedback after game matches. After receiving...

NFS: The Run – Head To Head


Need For Speed: The Run – PS3 vs XBOX 360 Graphics comparison! We find the best head to head videos and put them all in one spot for you to view!

Jurassic Park For iPad: First 18 Min of Gameplay (video inside)


Jurassic Park for ipad looks to be a pretty thrill ride through the setting of the original Jurassic Park. This game is supposed to have an original story that connects to the films so it will be interesting to...

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