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Naruto – Review

By L. Rieck

Finally! The huge game that had every Naruto or anime fan checking their calendar for the release date multiple times and occasions. The amazing and popular Anime/Manga Series has another new release installment for it’s “Ultimate Ninja (Storm)” game series. I have to say, I am pretty impressed.
This game has a huge set of characters from the Naruto series, this includes the characters from the current story, and from way in the past, hence the name in the title “Generations”. So there is a huge bunch of characters, each having an arsenal of amazing and unique abilities and techniques. Some of these moves carried over from previous games, others are completely brand new. The gameplay hasn’t changed that much since the previous game, “Storm 2″ The only significant changes where the blocking and substitution/counter systems. Now, each have their own button instead of being the same button, and not only that, there is a limit, yes, a limit to the amount of times you can substitute now. This makes the game a lot more challenging, while at the same time more helpful when fighting opponents. This reduces the substitution spamming, and the modding as well.

Also, as far as online gameplay, they fixed some old problems as well, pretty much patching some of the unfair attacks. For example, the old “Bump, then ultimate” attack is somewhat fixed, though some characters still can kind of do this. Also, shuriken spamming was reduced as well, becoming slower. So most of the online shenanigans are gone and fixed, only problem is, with limited substitution, this opens a few old cheap tricks back onto the shelf that were easily avoided with unlimited substitutions, so watch out for unfair players. Things changed for both better or worse. But, overall the gameplay is amazing, with so many combos and techniques to do, it is easily one of my favorite styles of fighting games.

Going into–what most Naruto games have– the story mode. I have to say in all honesty, the story is very disappointing to say the least. Unlike it’s predecessors, this game does not have a real story mode, which involved an adventure/freeroam style where you could have fun and go through the story and then having epic occasional epic “boss” battles that where heavily animated with major scenes that happened in the anime, but in the game’s graphical format. On Generations, the story isn’t anything fun or epic like that. In fact, it seems like the developers got lazy. There is no more freeroam, you just choose a character on whose story you want to see and you have to see cutscenes from the actual anime, and everything that wasn’t major you have to read. Honestly, it is better to just skip everything. There are no graphical scenes, no boss battles, and no freeroam. That was probably the biggest disappointment of the game.

This game also introduces several new modes and features, such as a tournament battle mode, and the new survival mode as well. Also, online, it is possible to record and replay all of your old and amazing battles as well.
Overall, I’d say this is a pretty decent Naruto game. It is definitely the hugest. Other than the Story mode, I think this is a very enjoyable game. It is one of the biggest and most competitive fighting games that could be played. With it’s impressive gameplay, and amazing graphics. It is definitely a good and worthy buy. But if you just want it for the story, I do not recommend it. I hope those who buy this game will enjoy it!


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Reviewed by Rieck Hairston on 23 March 2012

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