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soulcalibur v
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Soul Calibur V – Review

Welcome to the stage of history! I remember when I first played Soul Calibur, it was a incredible experience. and when it was made for the Dreamcast I thought I was in heaven. Soul Calibur V is a refreshing retooling of the series that has been long overdue.

Soul Calibur 5 has to be the best looking fighting video game ever made. It has a massive amount of detail that cannot be ignored. One can get the impression that each character got a tremendous amount attention and no character was left behind. The way the characters flawlessly move gracefully across the screen is truly a sight to behold. The backgrounds also got paid allot of attention, with some forms of it even being destructible.

The gameplay of Soul Calibur V is similar to the ones in the past but they have updated it to compete with the Street Fighters and Mortal Kombats of today. Implementing a gage that must fill up to execute a super move on your opponent. The gameplay has also been sped up considerably compared tot he games in the past. The fighters now move blissfully fast on the screen, but not so fast as to take away a massive amount of realism or anything like that. The fighters all still have a somewhat weighty feel to them as a result of them all carrying weapons. Ezio is a very nice addition to the Soul Calibur V roster and he does not feel out of place in the way that Yoda did in the last edition. His moves are all reasonably presented and he is neither cheaply powerful nor is he underpowered in any way, he feels just right.

The story mode leaves something to be desired. After having what I consider to be the best story mode in a fighting game ever in the latest Mortal Kombat, I feel that this portion was cheaply done by comparison. Unlike Mortal Kombat where the story in between fighting is done with a high production value of in game engine movie scenes, Soul Calibur V chooses to use drawings with voice overs to tell their story. very……..cheap.

The online play seems to be pretty fluid from the matches I have experienced, although it seems like I’m waiting forever to be connected with a opponent. But once a match is started, there is very little lag or anything of that nature.

As a whole I would definitely recommend Soul Calibur V. It is the best one yet and they have improved in many areas. The only downfall is the story mode which seems to have been somewhat rushed when compared to more polished story modes like what is found in Mortal Kombat.


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Reviewed by Rieck Hairston on 04 February 2012