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Kingdom of Amular: The Reckoning – Xbox 360

This game is incredible! This one was not even on my radar until my sisters boyfriend got it and I fell in love with it! This game has the best combat system ever for this kind and is right up there along side SKYRIM! The graphics can leave something to be desired at times but the gameplay and the depth of it all more then makes up for it! Rating: 9 This post was submitted by markymaky. Read On

WWE 12 – PS3

This is the wrestling game to beat all others. THQ has really out done themselves with this one. I play this all day everyday wiht my brothers and we never get tired of it and the create a wrestler feature keeps everything fresh and entertaining. Only thing that sux is i cant get into community creations allot. FIX THE SERVERS THQ! Rating: 9 This post was submitted by preymontoose. Read On

Kinect sports 2 – Xbox 360

Kinect sports 2 is good but not as good as the first one in my opinion, I think rare is a excellent developer but they should have picked better sports for this one. Rating: 6 This post was submitted by dungeon. Read On

Batman Arkham city

This game is a once in a generation game and everyone should play it! = Perfection! Rating: 10 This post was submitted by taconacho22. Read On

Battlefield 3 – 10/25/2011


Read On

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Upon purchasing this game, my expectations were somewhat high. I know the history of Deus Ex, and the creativity that it enables the player to really personalize the game. From, being a stealthy, assassin to a persuasive vigilante, to a gun-slinging war hero. I’d like to add, this game isn’t for everyone. It’s very somewhat directed when it comes to the RPG aspect, but it’s a game that has what seems unlimited replay value. The depth is another appeal, every choice you make reveals a ton of new information which dramatically alters the story. Graphics are impressive, although at times I feel like it’s a bit dated. I also... Read On

Madden 12

Madden 12 hard hitting electrofying, graphical, amazingly 2012 quality… The best madden I have ever played n my entire life. First time I was evef able to actually sit n the house all day everyday n play the game.. The competition on the game makes you not need friends put it on all madden and experience everything the pros go through in a real life game. No over ratings every player to their life ability n speed! Franchise mode nevef played the same twice…. The game to bring sunday football to your home everyday…. Thanks for reading.. Comment if u agree!!! Much regards Rating: 10 This post was submitted... Read On

Gears Of War 3 – xbox 360

THE BEST GAME IN HISTORY!!!! Rating: 10 This post was submitted by jumperman. Read On

Dead Island – xbox 360

This is a great game! i thought it was going to be like resident evil fps or that other zombie first person shooting game left 4 dead or something like that. but this thing is like a fps / zombie/ rpg type of deal and im loving it!! Rating: 9 This post was submitted by surferboy. Read On

Warhammer – xbox 360

I played the demo of this game and it just does not feel right to me it seems like they rushed it out before it was complete to beat GEARS to the stores. Rating: 2 This post was submitted by sonnyx. Read On

Bodycount – PS3

I was expecting allot more out of this game, Its not bad but there are so many shooters out that this does not do enough to stand out on its own. If your going to make a fps it has to be SPECTACULAR now days. Rating: 7 This post was submitted by max19. Read On

Deus Ex: – Xbox 360

This is hands down the best game of 2011! DON’T WALK RUN!! TO GET THIS GAME!! the graphics the game play, the story, EVERYTHING, is top notch and has no competition period! Rating: 10 This post was submitted by markymaky. Read On

Infamous 2 – PS3

This game is incredible, I completed this game a week ago and im playing through it again. I seen alot of sites give this game poor ratings and it is beyond me why? This has got to be better then the first if unless your blind and dumb! lol The extra powers he has, THE INCREDIBLE GRAPHICS! what more does this game have to do to get the respect it deserves from game sites! To be honest i like it alot better then uncharted 1 and 2! Rating: 9 This post was submitted by markymaky. Read On

Deus Ex: – Xbox 360

The crazy thing is i didn’t even know this game existed until a few weeks ago, and then i noticed it being showed more and more on different sites and there have not been many games coming out so i decided to check it out. Wow, it ended up being the best purchase i made all summer. this game is a complete Beast! from front to back. It is a instant classic and definitely should be game of the year! Rating: 9 This post was submitted by therealgamer. Read On

Dirt 3 – Xbox 360

Best race game period! This game has perfect controls, perfect graphics, you name it. I like the physics of the cars and it actually feels like your driving in dirt if your in dirt or like your driving in snow when you are in snow. I never played the first two but I wish I would have because i feel like I been missing out on a great racing game all this time! But I know now and i will get every race game in this series from this point on! Rating: 10 This post was submitted by therealgamer. Read On

Uncharted 2 – Ps3

This game was great! It was much better then the first one and has almost movie quality presentation! I love the story and how everything ties together. The acting in this game is hands down some of the best video game acting i have ever seen. The controls are pretty much the same as they were in the first game, but you have much more weapons at your disposal, but i do notice that they are a little smoother than before. This game really shows off what the Ps3 hardware is capable of and gives all the competition a healthy run for its money! Cant wait for uncharted 3!... Read On

Madden 12 – xbox

This is a very good game, although this is based off of the demo, I like the fact that they paid more attention to presentation even though it is still not matching 2k5 in that respect. 2k5 set the bar in the area of presentation. Rating: 8 This post was submitted by Smoov. Read On

Test !

Test Review Read On

Medal of Honor Video Game Review

There’s a fine line between campy and crappy. The way Pirates of Black Cove’s lighthearted “Yaaaarrr”-heavy humor waffles back and forth from amusing to cringe-worthy is forgivable, but a strong personality doesn’t save this sinking ship of a game from its numerous shortcomings. Sluggish high seas adventure and dull, simplistic gameplay detract from an otherwise charming presentation that struggles to stay afloat under its own awkward girth. Simply put: plundering loot across the beautifully shimmering waters of Black Cove should be a lot more fun than it is. Read On

Pirates of the Burning Sea

Pirates of the Burning Sea (PotBS) is a ship based AND on-foot MMORPG, set in the heart of the Caribbean in 1720, developed at Flying Lab Software. Although we still have some time to wait until the game’s release in late January of next year; we were recently able get a hands-on with the beta which seems to be representative of what to expect from the full game. Despite some issues, PotBS is certainly an MMO to look out for if you’re new to the genre or if World of Warcraft has finally bored you brainless. Read On

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